Do More For Less

To improve the quality and efficiency of personal and business collaborations.
Our Mission

Milnaa is the first Contextual Collaboration place, where individuals and businesses can get work done, network and learn while having fun - all at their own pace.

Teams work together, Manage Customers and Suppliers, collaborate and share your screen so you are all on the same page.
Members of Parliament and Congress convey their achievements to their voters, Municipalities manage their Permits.
Patient conversations, share medical information, collaborate with specialists.
Meet that Bollywood/Hollywood actor or see a movie trailer, hear that old song, read the latest gossip or just chill out. Milnaa is the place to go.
Fan pages, Training, Purchase sports memorabilia, watch sports programming, have fun.
Share Recipes, Ideate, make friends and learn about new restaurants, nutrition advice and whatever else excites you about eating right.
Large Enterprises
Large and Small teams become efficient; Communicate globally with free voice and 3D quality video conferences.
Distance learning, students collaborate on homework, schools manage exams, Parent-Teacher conversations and much more.
Non Profits
Increase donor funding, faster implementation of projects and more.
India Office
103, B-32, Amrapali,
Near TMT Bus Stop, Sector-11,
Shanti Nagar, Mira Road (E) Mumbai - 401107

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