Milnaa moves enterprises into the social domain. We enhance an organization’s tool set with advantages of operating in the social context – sharing, connectedness, collaboration, productivity, real-time communication, and community.

Our customers include any type of organization including small, medium, and large businesses; non-profits; schools, colleges, universities, vocational institutions; and any entity of aggregated individuals.

We launched our platform in the United States and India, with plans to expand globally. Users in India are Members of Parliament, political parties, businesses, schools, and individuals. Users in the United States are businesses, individuals, and other organizations.


Milnaa.com is an award winning self-service suite of enterprise communication and collaboration tools, including:

  • Personal Wall (posts) with the ability to attach any file type, including three dimensional images, to each and every comment within a post conversation
  • Customized access and participation within individual posts
  • Real-time multi-language conversion
  • MilBoxTM file management tools
  • Integrated event planning
  • MilBuzzTM multi-lingual messenger creates an interactive channel of communication among members of teams within an organization allowing them to manage projects in “real-time”
  • Patent pending technology called “One Touch” Direct Video. With Direct Video, user videos post in “real-time” to any Smart Wall.

Milnaa.com user enterprises achieve customer growth along with lower operational costs to give their organizations increasing return to scale through:

  • Greater customer acquisition, engagement, and retention
  • Increased efficiency in delivering products and services using them as order taking tools with customers and placing orders with vendors/suppliers
  • Improved customer satisfaction and loyalty through a feedback mechanism for managing/responding to complaints and compliments
  • Better worker productivity and job satisfaction through richer staff and management collaboration